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Death Stranding

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Anyone got it?


My girlfriend wants me to do some caulking today, the only way I can get out of it is if I can say I've got a hot new game I need to get into. Decisions decisions! It looks amazingly well done but the gameplay seems to be polarising people. Can possibly pick it up at a discount in a few weeks time, but then I've got to fill the gap left by completing Borderlands 3. I've tried getting into Borderlands 2 but its hard to go back from the obvious advancements that BL3 made on the franchise (didn't play the others originally)

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Not played it and don't currently plan on playing it. Really not sold on it from when it was first announced, doesn't help that Kojima clearly didn't want to show anything off but that meant that nobody knew what you were actually going to do when you play the game. So he's drip-fed the info out, realised nobody but Kojima fans cared, then went full out there with massive game-play videos to try and show people how the mechanics of it worked. By that point, it had already lost me.

Still, there's a lot of talk about it within the industry since it's come out. Not as much regular hype but critically it seems to be holding up quite well and slowly generating the hype out of people who have played it and really found it to be good.

I loved the Metal Gear Solid series, even 4 in a way which was like a terrible game movie (thinking Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider which I watched recently again, what a hell-hole), but the new concept really isn't sold on me. I'm making my way through God of War at the moment so not really bothered by missing out.

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    • Yes I can’t argue with that @TLF10 this season is a write off. We need to stay in the championship and try build for next season.
    • Agree @Blanco. Happy to have him if sums add up for 6 months. If we can get him, plus 2 wide players n a striker i will be happy.   Maddison seems to be one of the wide players we want Jack Clarke or someone else on loan and a striker. Someone mentioned Clarke Harris from Bristol. Hopefully signings in Jan can be a mix of maybe 2 permanant signings n 2 loan signings. If its only loan signings in Jan it makes a huge job of rebuilding in summer a monumental one. So if we can start the long term rebuilding with 1 or 2 permanant signings in jan that be good
    • Top work @boro-unger. Great post. I do not expect McNairs red to be overturned and if JW looks at it properly its not even worth appealing it. (Now i said that it probably will get overturned) Think team and subs picks itself given lack of numbers: Pears Howson Ayala Fry Spence Tav Wing Sav Coulson Fletch Britt Subs: Meijas, Wood, Bola, Clayton, Marv, Rudy, Walker My heart says a nervy 1 nil win. Am trying to be positive so i wont share what my head is saying
    • I think bringing Ben Gibson back makes sense. He is a proven performer in this league. Bringing players up from the league below is a risk and we have showed that with our summer purchases.  We need players who can guarantee that they can perform at this level. 
    • And there was me thinking after Saturdays game that pantomime season had started a little earlier this year. But it makes more sense now you mention it to keep the wage bill down with suspensions.
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