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Hi All,

I run on competition on behalf of Boro Real Fans a charitable group who take 12 families who may be disabled / disadvantaged etc to Boro games alongside other events such as a christmas party.

The rules are simple
You pay £5 to enter (£3 goes to the prize pot and £2 to the cause)

Pick 1 team to win from the championship each fixture round if they win you go through

once you have picked a team once you can not use them again in the competition

if anyone is interested in helping a good cause and potentially winning some money please join the group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/846582702159502/

any questions please ask!


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We are a charitable group who take disabled and disadvantaged children to Boro matches alongside free bowling and a Christmas party.

To raise funds we are running a last man standing / killer competition.

Pay £5 1 off entry free
Pick one team to win from the championship to win the weekends fixture list.
If they win you go through
You can only choose each team once in the entire competition
The winner is when there is only 1 person remaining in the competition

of the £5 you pay £3 goes to the winner with £2 going to the charitable cause

Normal prize pot is £250-350

It Starts this weekend so if you are interested please email Kie89 @Hotmail.com

or join the facebook group below


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