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Boro V Hull City 2-2 (Tavernier, Fletcher)

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Fry with a towering header and McNair just beasted through with a driving run before he pulled it back that was a good goal.

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    • As the next window is less than six weeks away, I think it is time to create a new thread for rumours, wishes and scurrilous falsehoods about players that may arrive, leave or be seen from the bushes around Rockcliffe car park. My number one hope is we can find someone with a similar style to the hero of 1995, though I am sure that we will never get the chance to receive two Fuchs (or whatever the plural might be). A strong direct forward is something we have need of and could be the difference between us challenging for playoffs and treading water. Haaland probably just beyond our finances, but must be some other candidates to fit the bill somewhere in Europe 
    • Would absolutely love if we could tie down McNair for longer, that'd be the big one for contracts.
    • I agree 100%, some of us see a glass half full, and some see it half empty , but I can honestly say that the majority of people on here have made points that have made me think differently about players and situations that have occurred. I might not agree with everything they say, but if their reasoning makes sense, then a different point of view can be quite refreshing and it is good to see that most discussions end fairly amicably, though one or two are sometimes easily wound up. Long may it continue  
    • It's in the BBC report I linked first...like literally the 2nd sentence.
    • Yep. Sky have just mentioned that.  Wasn't in the report I'd first seen.
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