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Boro V Hull City 2-2 (Tavernier, Fletcher)

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Fry with a towering header and McNair just beasted through with a driving run before he pulled it back that was a good goal.

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    • There will need to be some serious psychological rather than tactical decisions made by NW for the Swans game. Was it fatigue, was it the weather, was it those misses that could have seen us three nil up by thirty minutes and cruising at Huddersfield? I am fully in Warnock's camp but there is a question mark over his use of Subs at times. He usually calls it right but there are now a couple of occasions when he has used them poorly and if fatigue is a contributory reason then he has to start using more than three and more importantly he has to start changing and influencing games sooner with them. Some tough calls to be made and it is imperative that he does it without favour. There needs to be a clear message of shape up or lose your place. Easier said than done of course with such a small and inexperienced squad but below par mediocrity must have consequences regardless of status or reputation. For clarity that isn't aimed just at Britt who is the obvious target after Saturday, there were a few others who struggled for whatever reason.  
    • Tough game. Need to win with the way the top-6 is shaping up. Really tough to call after the display at Huddersfield and conceding 3 goals all from open play. I think it'll be a dire 1-1 with Swansea the happier team.
    • I think by now we all know that we thought we had bought Britt, the mythical legend who scored goals for fun at this level. The realty is that we bought a "goalscorer" that nobody else was willing to match the asking price for and over time we have found out why. What compounds the issue is that having identified his strengths and weaknesses a succession of Managers have managed to set up Boro teams to play to those weaknesses. When I have conversations with fans of other clubs I'm often surprised when I raise a topic on a Player of theirs that I rate to find some negativity from them. Its the same with us, we have players that other fans rate but they don't watch them as intimately, week in, week out over several seasons as we do. Usually we have an opinion of a competitors player based on a few headline performances, great saves or defending condensed into two minute snippets on a Saturday night or heaven forbid, the goals they scored against us. Jordan Hugill is a beast of a Striker who will get you goals at this level except when he came here instead of being a beast he was sat on his backside doing a one man impression of the Gap Bands "oops upside your head". Kris Boyd, Scott McDonald, Jordan Rhodes etc. etc. there is a very long historical list. It works equally in reverse of course, Liverpool paid over two million for Brad Jones, its just that it seems to work against us more than for us.  
    • Never a problem. Log in, pay and turn the stream on. All done within 2 mins.
    • Seen the highlights. Terrible misses and terrible defending. Stuff like that loses games. Swansea is very important now.
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