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Boro v Barnsley 1-0 (Fletcher)

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    • I'm pretty sure the majority of fans don't give a toss about it and even if some did, they would not give up their football club because of it. I imagine there's a small section of fans who are just having to maintain a level of ignorance about their concerns and the success reinforces that. Nobody is going to complain about having a successful team.
    • Isn’t that part of the reason Man City are being sanctioned - sponsorship by owner alleged to be uncommercial. I.e. it was owners way of pumping money in to avoid losses? By the way, Bulkhaul profits are published  and Gazette says they are up to £44m, so SG shouldn’t have any problems continuing o fund losses, provided he wants to. Club accounts not out yet.
    • He said his best aspect was his intelligence but he obviously wasn't thinking properly when he decided to do those skills.
    • Did anyone see his kick up attempts?   
    • I'm honestly not that fussed about winning this particular game in terms of relegation. I think we just need to win a game. If we lose this and win against Leeds for example, I still think we'll be fine. I still don't see this as a 6-pointer, so if we can pick up results in the home games, we should be fine. Taking a great deal of solace from the stuff I pulled up about recent relegation battles in the Championship, I think.
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