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Boro v Barnsley 1-0 (Fletcher)

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    • So what you are saying is we could stay up or we could go down. 
    • I just looked at our fixture list and honestly don't see why we should all but consider we are going to be relegated. I think that if any time was good to change the momentum of the table, it's right now. We could just as easily stretch the gap a bit more between us and relegation as we could fall into it again. I'm not saying it's all positive but I don't think I'd classify our relegation as probable based on our fixture list, tbh. So many of the games we have left are much of a muchness. Our highest opponents are Bristol City, Millwall and Cardiff and two of those are home games. We have two pretty big away games with Hull and Stoke, both of whom are currently making headlines by their dispute with the EFL. QPR, Reading and Sheffield Wednesday are all teams with close to nothing to play for and I reckon its those sat in the middle that could end up truly losing their momentum and motivation to play to their best. And finally there's Swansea who can maybe still make the play-offs, I think that if we can beat Swansea, Hull and Stoke, we're sound. IF. It's all hypothetical but basically, I think you can put forward an argument for either side of it. We can definitely still get relegated. We can definitely still avoid it and I think right now, it's pretty much in the balance of individual sides and how well they deal with what's happened over the last 3 months and very little to do with where we sit compared to them or how our season's gone to this point.
    • No and we're probably going to get relegated. Just look at our remaining games.
    • Looking at it the wrong way around CT. We haven’t lost in four months 
    • I think we're screwed to be honest.  We've only won one game in five months 🤦‍♂️
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