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Boro v Preston North End (A) 2-0 (Gestede, Davies (OG) )

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When you watch the highlights you'll see that's a of a harsh way to phrase it. He scores a bicycle kick, fires a half volley like an inch wide and has a powerful header saved point blank by Rudd. He h

Et tu DS?! I don't think I'm getting enough credit for this upturn in form. Woodgate hasn't mentioned me once and the Gazette are acting like I don't even exist 😢

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    • If this is true, Derby probably won't even get any deduction halved upon appeal. Seems like the EFL are really going to go after them.
    • Ahahahahahahahahahaha, brilliant if true!
    • A long slow dripping punishment may actually be more painful and damaging for the Rams. I know if it was Boro I would rather have got it over with and out of the way rather than waste a futile season in the way the Owls just have (accepting that they very nearly survived). I would reckon that with such an axe dangling over the club any prospective new owner would be a tad hesitant in splashing any cash in Mel's direction. If they do start next season with a huge points deduction then that will be a tough ask in attracting any new Manager or Player. Off the pitch, financially the impact will be damaging on the club and could send them into a tailspin with little else to sell or sponsor!
    • Darn..  that means an automatic 300 post deduction and SD singing "Sister Josephine" in Danish every night in your dreams...
    • Of course not but a thin squad to begin with didn't help and having to replace aging crocks with new blood also factors in, are we expecting too much too soon or just not able to face reality. Might have been different if money was coming in, but it isn't and if anything will make it worse, it is people deciding they've had enough. who knows, this time next year we could be celebrating (one way or the other).  The standard lecture to prospective Boro supporters always included the line, "This club will break your heart" and whilst we have been lucky in one way to see success for a while, it is not our right. Things go in cycles, so hopefully we are at the beginning of a new one, but after the last time someone was given the keys to the till, I am prepared to wait it out ..  and if it don't happen, then so be it.    

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