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Boro v Preston North End (A) 2-0 (Gestede, Davies (OG) )

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1 minute ago, boroie said:

That is true Brunners, Woody was let down by the players there (Browne primarily) but one of the main criticisms of that game was how we started the match - it was only after going behind that we started playing. 

Oh agreed, I've had that complaint a couple times this season; but at least he actually did change things and get a grip back on the game again which I've not felt a Boro manager would/could do in a while.

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When you watch the highlights you'll see that's a of a harsh way to phrase it. He scores a bicycle kick, fires a half volley like an inch wide and has a powerful header saved point blank by Rudd. He h

Et tu DS?! I don't think I'm getting enough credit for this upturn in form. Woodgate hasn't mentioned me once and the Gazette are acting like I don't even exist 😢

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Just now, Neverbefore said:

Was coming on to say this. Norwich,Fulham and aston villa have all gotten promoted in recent years after  being written off by october time. Cant rule anything out, especially if we get a few reinforcements in in january.

Our April fixtures are tailor made for a late surge we play QPR, Millwall, Bristol, Reading, Cardiff, Sheff Wed most of them you can see being around the playoffs. Unlike Pulis there isn't this pent up expectation and pressure because we're doing it with academy 'fill ins' and Fletcher up front we can see upside for next season either way whether we're 6th or 12th. 

Not talking 'expecting' playoffs or anything but this run has shown alot of different things from McNair turning beast mode on vs Forest clawing us a point or Wing vs Stoke stepping up, it's set a platform now where we wont be relegated so let's take on Fulham in London in 2 weeks time see how we measure up if you take them as 'best of the playoff teams' there's only upside for us this season in my opinion.

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Missed the match today but it all sounds really positive the Boro have litteraly gone from not winning away from home to beating the two best sides in the division at home in the space of a Weekend. Also really pleased Gestede is finally having a impact and hoping Ayala injury isn't too bad so he can be back for Derby.

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Absolutely amazing again. The most encouraging thing is we made several changes and still looked decent. When I saw the team I thought I would be happy with a draw but to not only win but win convincingly. Hopefully Ayalas injury isnt too bad but at least next week it's not in the league. Woodgate deserves all the credit for the turnaround fingers crossed the process continues going in the right direction. 

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I don't know what the players Christmas Dinner was, but they need it every pre-match meal.

Two fantastic results. Let's just hope it's not because the transfer market is here and in February they'll go back to type.

4 in a row and suddenly we are nearer the playoffs than the relegation zone, points wise.

It's a funny old game.

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