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Buying tickets online - Increasingly difficult?!

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Has anyone found that MFC have made it increasingly difficult to buy tickets online?  You used to just click the seats you wanted, pop in your email address, pay your money and print off the ticets.  Then they decided that you had to have an MFC Digital account, which needed to be sync'ed with a previous ticket purchase, so after several attempts I managed to do that and all was well again.

Now they've decided that you can only buy multiple tickets if you've got the other people in your online account, as My Friends & Family?!  So I have to setup an online account for every person I'm buying a ticket for, including their date of birth, address and email address (surely a breach of GDPR?!) and then assign each ticket to that person when I'm in the Basket?

To top it all off, after I've gone through all that nonsense, created 5 new accounts for the 5 people coming to the game, it now won't let me complete the purchase as those 5 people don't have a previous ticket purchase in their account history?! 

This is ridiculous, are we deliberately trying to stop people from attending games?  A bunch of us usually go to the cup games when we can, as we work a variety of weekend/evening shifts between us, so regular weekend games aren't possible.  Last season we sat through the excitement of Newport and Burton, so we were looking forward to seeing a Premier League side for a change. 

(Just a note, I'm local so I can drive to the ticket office, but I've been ill for a couple of weeks and was hoping to get the tickets sorted out without needing to leave the house.  This is a complaint about the online procedure and whether other people have found the same issues?)

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