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Boro V Fulham (A) Friday 17/01/20 19.45 0-1

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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

There's change afoot on Teesside.

You can feel it in the air.

You can taste it in the water.

A new era approaches. A new team rises from the ashes of the old. Built on the foundation of youthful energy and homegrown talent, led by a rookie manager who might just defy the expectations of many and actually be good at this coaching thing. Is it merely a false dawn? Or the start of something special?... 


Now then lads and lasses.
Woody’s Warriors continue their quest for world domination this Friday away at Fulham. Following a spirited performance in the cup defeat to spurs, the boys will seek to end their trip to the capital with another good performance to keep their unbeaten run in the league going.


•    Fulham have scored a total of 41 goals this season.
• Fulham have conceded a total of 30 goals this season.
• Fulham score a goal every 59 min
• Fulham concede a goal every 81 min
• Fulham score an average of 1.52 goals every game
• Fulham concede an average of 1.11 goals every game

•    Middlesbrough have scored a total of 28 goals this season.
• Middlesbrough have conceded a total of 34 goals this season.
• Middlesbrough score a goal every 87 min
• Middlesbrough concede a goal every 71 min
• Middlesbrough score an average of 1.04 goals every game
• Middlesbrough concede an average of 1.26 goals every game

What is your prediction for this match?

Word on the street is that Fulham’s leading man and resident lunatic Alexander Mitrovic is crocked. How big of a blow is that for the hosts?

Fulham owner Shahid Khan is also the owner if a magnificent moustache. Is there a better one in the football world (past or present)? Photo evidence may be required

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looks like clayton got a niggle yesterday. could we see saville wing and tav in the middle with roberts and fletch up top? mad isnt it, if we had ayala playing an mcnair howson in midfield we'd have been pretty close to beating spuds. 

i fancy another winning run going 0-2 boro again. fulham withou mitrovic and will probably be expecting an easier game than they will get like west brom and preston did.

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I thought Nmecha was okay. Again, class of opposition and all that but then Davinson Sanchez had an absolute nightmare and we never made him pay for that which is a little frustrating. Still, the chance he had in the first half was well worked from him and good work from Spence too.

EDIT: I didn't think he was pressing particularly well for a young lad with bags of energy and pace, either. I thought there were times when he wasn't pressing with the team but hopefully that will come with time.

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In terms of the 'tache debate, I don't think anyone can beat Mark Lawrenson in his pomp. Not only is his soup-strainer extremely impressive, it's also quintessentially Scouse. You just couldn't imagine him playing for Ipswich or Carlisle looking like that.

As for Friday's match, I think Fulham without Mitro are a thoroughly beatable side, especially since we finished last night with some pride restored and we can bring back the likes of Coulson and Pears. I'll say 2-0 to Boro.



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Lawrenson...nah...Souness ...maybe...but for putting a smile on people's faces, it had to be Valderama ...recognisable from anywhere on the pitch....always liked the Birdman fan, didn't need a big drum to attract attention

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I'd be ecstatic if Mitrovic was out for this game I mean Howson has been great but there's only one winner in that match up. At the minute the only CB in the club that I'd feel confident could really match up to Mitrovic's physicality is Ayala...

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    • Love this from the cameraman, UTB.
    • Interesting... I did hear the Jordan comments but don't fully understand the technicalities of the whole Derby becoming debt-free and returning stronger thing. Was news to me that the £45m thing was *** (I guess Simon may have heard that from Steve himself...?) I just hope it doesn't dissolve into "Boro are trying to kill Derby" and we get piled on... which is the narrative they're clearly desperate to create. We all know what football fans and pundits are like and most people won't read or understand the details. I'm a Boro fan and I still admit to not fully getting some of it. 
    • Check out the love between Crooks & Payero. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
    • The club themselves probably won't come out and make any public statements about the ongoing thing because it gives their side something to argue with. When the Derby fans picked up on the FMTTM post, immediately it was sent to the administrators so they were aware of it. They want the narrative to change and as much as I'd hate to see Derby go out of business, they are playing dirty from a very risky position. The fans are desperate, they're still messaging our fan groups for us to do something about it. I think they're being left in the dark about the entire situation by both sides though. Right now, going by what Simon Jordan said the other day, us and Wycombe are waiting for an offer from the Derby end to try and settle the problem. Also, listening to him speak about it made it sound like the administrators are just trying to do their best to make the club a good asset to sell. The whole thing about them using the government's COVID scheme to push back their debts then putting the club into administration to write them off was seemingly just as dirty a tactic as Morris has been getting up to all along to essentially give the club a way of coming back significantly stronger with any half-decent investor. Walking into a debt-free football club sounds like Christmas day which is exactly why Mr. Ashley is sniffing around and is even willing to make a deal with us to get it done. Gibson looks like he's trying to make sure it's not as easy as that and if they want to do it, they'll have to give us something and quick.

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