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Rf 08

Red faction Scarfes

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Morning fellow boro fans, today before the match we will have some scarfes for sale in the fanzone area for £10, all the money raised is to help fund future displays.  👍  


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    • A Barnsley  v  Middlesbro:..(wing) A Birmingham  v  Sheff Wed:. HbBristol Cty  v  W.B.A. H Charlton  v  Luton. H Leeds  v  Reading. D N/Forest  v  Q.P.R. D P.N.E.  v  Hull. A Stoke  v  Cardiff. H Swansea  v  Huddersfield. H Wigan  v  Millwall.
    • The CPS’s statement on the matter seems to suggest they were very much still in support of the trial and prosecution and from what I’ve seen it’s been backed by independent lawyers who have worked in the field of abuse cases.   The police always work with the CPS and present a case to them that they believe someone should stand trial. The CPS then decides if there is a good chance of prosecution and if it is in the public interest to prosecute. Only if both of those answers are yes does it go to trial. I’m not sure how much pressure the police can exert on the CPS as they have a final say on these matters.   I also don’t think the possibility of someone killing themselves should ever effect the decision of whether to go to trial or not, otherwise it would become a very easy way to get off what are pretty serious charges.
    • How could he not know the “challenge on his hands”? He had been part of the coaching staff for 18 months before his appointment? He was the first team coach when Pulis was here. The style of play has not changed one bit. Patterns of play exactly the same. 
    • I honestly think Woodgate didn't quite realise the challenge he had on his hands regarding changing the mindset of this squad of players from being ultra defensive, lump it forward and play without the ball team to being a high press, high line play with the ball team. With that in mind I reckon this season is a dead rubber where Woodgate will continue to switch tactics and formations on a game by game basis to try and do what's nessecery to survive this season and then regroup and go again next season with a rather large overhaul of the squad and hopefully we will then see the football we were promised and desperately want to see  
    • If the CPS don't want to prosecute and are pushed into it by the Police I would say the same thing I am saying now; that is sketch. The CPS clearly didn't think they had a decent case, which suggests it's not as cut and dry as people seem to want to believe. From memory though I don't think she did come away with it with no injuries, I think she broke a bottle and got cut too, although there's a chance I may be conflating two incidents. Either way, I just think it's sketch for the police to pressure for a prosecution when even the CPS themselves would rather not. I'm not saying she did or didn't do it; and I'm not arguing that victims don't withdraw their allegations and stuff - I just am of the personal belief that had she not been famous, the police would have dropped it and she'd probably still be alive today. That is just my personal opinion on the matter.
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