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Because I was having bad turnouts in the weekday predictions I have knocked them on the head. That as now made it impossible to complete the 50 games in the season. 

Here are the remaining rounds and dates. 

There is 2 weekdays in the list not of my making there are full fixture lists on the 10th and 13th Monday and Friday April the rest are Saturday games so I think that is not to bad oh and I have added one International fixture list in there to try and make up the numbers .


Round 32..15/02..Championship.

Round 33..22/02..Championship.

Round 34..29/02..Championship.

Round 35..07/03..Championship.

Round 36..14/03..Championship.

Round 37..21/03..Championship.

Round 38..26/03..International Friendly

Round 39..04/04..Championship.

Round 40..10/04..Championship.(Friday)

Round 41..13/04..Championship.(Monday)

Round 42..18/04..Championship.

Round 43..25/04..Championship.

Round 44..02/05..Championship & Final game of the season.

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    • Yeh  the goals scored column doesn't lie, but I can honestly say that at the end of the QPR game I wasn't saying our players couldn't have given anymore. Warnock has spoken about defending from the front I watched  QPR defenders when they had the ball  with plenty of time to pass not  getting closed down or hurried. A QPR team with very little to play for should have come off that pitch bruised and battered known they'd been in a game rather than feeling they'd being mauled by a lamb.
    • not sure marcus browne is going to do a job at left back..
    • That's Marcus Browne off to Wembley.
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    • I dont think Warnock fancies Shotton or Clayton. He has persisted with George at CB but Shotton a better cb than George imo, especially in a back 4. And as far as Clayton is concerned well Warnock played a CB in his position yesterdsy
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