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Right then, first of all to address borodane referring to a ‘Middle Eastern despot’. I’m going to assume that’s a reference to Man City’s owners. They are morally repulsive, and if I was a Man City fa

Hope not considering your user name. 😬🤣🤣

Blackburn got relegated with 51 points the season we were in the Prem. 4 of the last 5 seasons, 42 points has been enough. Comparing both 16/17, 18/19 and this season after ~32 games, the bottom

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I was looking at the games of Luton and Huddersfield tonight and I barely cared that they both won.

It matters little what other teams do as if we continue with this awful run then that 3 point cushion will go sooner or later. We simply need to pick up some wins regardless of others around us or as SDS the top brass will soon have a huge decision to make.

Oh and i think the average to stay up in this league of 43pts wont apply this season. I think you might need 50 points this season.

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If it means he goes, I'd rather we lose to Leeds.

I'd be surprised if we didnt and it would be poetic for Leeds to be the final nail in his coffin. 

I dont get how we would suddenly beat Leeds who need wins and then go and beat Forest who are also needing wins. No dead rubber games where you might think we could out fight a team.

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Just seen an interview of when JW was first appointed and he said something which have totally restored my faith in him. Apparently boys & girls, "football is not a complicated game. It is only complicated if you make it complicated".

So this awful season we are having. It is just for sh*ts and giggles. No need to worry. Our manager is just teasing us by pretending to not know what he is doing. We will be just fine. 

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