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2 minutes ago, Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die said:

At half-time Middlesbrough are only out of the drop zone on goal difference.


Perhaps even more worryingly, they're only 4 points off bottom as well.


#UTB #Boro

If Leeds and Wigan each score another 2 goals, or one scores 3 and the other 1, then we will be in the drop zone on goals scored.

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Apparently has the backing still

I honestly don't see where it stops. Honestly think that Woodgate is bullet proof and Gibson is ready for us to go to league 1 only to deliver some crappy PR rallying cry in the summer about "oh we di

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7 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

The goal they've scored has come from a mistake but generally they've had to work hard to open us up. It's not perfect but it's better. That's the difference when you actually want to play.

0 shots on target isnt great tbh mate first half. Its nothing new, we have had bright spells in the games we have lost recently

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Just now, BoroJake said:

If we are going to lose here then I want us to lose big. I don’t want to lose by only 1 which might justify  Gibson giving woodgate more time

We can't afford to lose big - don't want to be relegated on goal difference on the final day! We are only out of the relegation zone on goal difference at the moment. 

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    • I'm so happy to read considered opinions on the subject, i must admit I've been lazy and only getting my boro chat from the Gazette website comments sections recently which are jam packed with very very dubious posts about politics and Marxism and subverting everything that is english by taking the knee.   I'm very interested to see what happens, if an england player scores then takes the knee. The perma outraged booing mob will be conflicted af and so I'm sure it's going to happen.    Reading comments here has restored my faith fair play to oneboro, I will not stray again...    living in NZ now so I'm excited about the euros, but not enough to watch at 1am with work in the morning!    in the past I was always excited, then we'd do rubbish, so I lost hope, then just fudge through the group stages and start to look up for it in the knockout phase getting me excited again only to crash out in controversial or underwhelming performance circumstances.   now it's fair to say I get more excited as the tournament wears on, always with a shield around my heart in case we get knocked out by a hand of god or uncounted goal that bounced a yard behind the line. we had a bit of luck in '66, but I think we've paid for it ever since.   a young squad with a lot of potential and a very intelligent manager, I'm hoping we put on a show for everyone.   UTB and come on england!
    • It's been all over the place since Eindhoven.
    • we realy don't know how the club operates behind the scene.    
    • im guessing you are trying the same tactic as me - end up at that bottom and then in the knockout stages swoop to eliminate a top seed!!! 
    • Lets hope he gets the team right. England expects. Will he start Grealish, is Maguire fit? 

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