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Apparently has the backing still

I honestly don't see where it stops. Honestly think that Woodgate is bullet proof and Gibson is ready for us to go to league 1 only to deliver some crappy PR rallying cry in the summer about "oh we di

Bielsa is a world-renowned coach with decades of experience. He's cited by the likes of Guardiola, Pochettino, and Simeone as an inspirational and guiding figure in their careers. Woodgate is loc

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2 minutes ago, DurhamRed said:

um he has a couple of time the trouble is he passes to someone and they lose it while he makes the run. What's the guy meant to do 

I wasn’t criticizing Britt. He’s been given nothing to work with. 

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1 minute ago, White Band said:

If we'd put in this effort the last 3 games, we might have got the points. That's what's most annoying.

What is annoying is there is no concentrated effort or continual pressure to carve up opportunities.

We are not really making a fight of it going through motions only 

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1 minute ago, diggerlad07 said:

Nmecha is pure dog ***!

Battled throughout the game but ultimately just outclassed. Woody won't go after this type of performance.

Clayton has been solid and Coulson has looked really decent in the more advanced role

This type of performance? We’ve been bad again. 

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    • Think this could be an interesting year..  wouldn't be surprised to see Fulham at top but Sheff U without Wilder and WBA with Ismael could be a bit less predictable...  not many stand out teams, so Blanco could finally get it right 🙂  
    • Can totally relate to this. Work isn't too bad as we're in small teams anyway, but remote working has been brilliant for me (when the tech has worked). I also avoid big groups socially...except when I go to music festivals.   Back on topic, the longer the summer goes on without any transfer news, the more grim it appears next season will be. We still have the best part of 2 months to get deals done, but unless Warnock and co have been particularly creative in their scouting and recruiting, it looks as though we'll be picking up the rejects nobody else wants...  
    • The big one now, it's Germany. A chance for Gareth to show he learnt something about knockout matches after that exit from the WC semi-final v Croatia.
    • They will show all 3 recently relagated teams they did last year I believe 
    • Think our game could be selected by Sky. Albeit I feel the game of the week for the opening week from broadcasting perspective is Bournemouth v WBA. I can also see one of the newly promoted teams being shown. Think its 3 EFL games on opening weekend that get shown. Friday night, Saturday lunchtime and Sunday lunchtime.

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