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Apparently has the backing still

I honestly don't see where it stops. Honestly think that Woodgate is bullet proof and Gibson is ready for us to go to league 1 only to deliver some crappy PR rallying cry in the summer about "oh we di

Bielsa is a world-renowned coach with decades of experience. He's cited by the likes of Guardiola, Pochettino, and Simeone as an inspirational and guiding figure in their careers. Woodgate is loc

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Just now, White Band said:

Agreed, although I think Browne has potential and could have come good under a decent manager.  I'm just not sure we should be giving Woody all the blame for signings without more of an idea of who actually made the decisions.

Well i doubt anyone else is going to hold their hand up to it!

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I honestly just can’t see what Woodgate is trying to do. His decision making is completely baffling and he has no clue what his best formation, team or system is. It’s laughable. Wing is in the team entirely for his long range shooting. Stop that and there’s nothing there. Johnson is okay as an attacking left sided player but he’s been forced into playing left back. McNair has clearly downed tools - from being our best player pre Christmas, now can’t get into the team. 

If Woodgate stays, no matter what division we’re in, how can we expect him to build a brand new team (with very few senior players) and coach them to play in a new system? Does anyone have any faith at all that he could build something? 

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    • Spains second half vs Sweden and quite a large portion of the game vs Poland they had all of the ball but did almost nothing with it. To me, they don't pass the eye test and I expect them to get knocked out pretty quickly (if they even make it through). They can't seem to finish, they spend all their time passing the ball sideways and their defence is incredibly suspect.
    • Huh huh, huh huh... You said Onlyfans .. huh huh ...  
    • I'm pretty sure too. If any coach / manager openly talked about throwing a game, one Tweet would be all it took to cause a huge scandal and put that person out of a job. But a canny one might pick a certain team and tactics that would guarantee they'd struggle. The players might think something was a bit funny...but there would be no proof of any shenanigans. 😉   In England's case though, I have to say Southgate strikes me as too honest a person. I'm sure he has way too much integrity to even consider something like that. But his cautious nature, team selections and tactics could end up having the same result. 🤷‍♂️  
    • Exactly... and even if we do draw and get an 'easy game' in the next round, there's  no guarantee we win it going in on poor form. Plus we would only have to play a strong team in the following round anyway, with Italy Belgium and whoever wins France's group on that side of the draw. You can't hide from the best sides for long in the Euros. Tonight's all about a good performance and getting the fans back on side for a home tie in the next round. It's guaranteed to be a tough game but we might as well fly home now if people are too scared to play Germany in a one off game. 
    • England need momentum and fast. Winning convincingly breeds that.    I’m pretty sure it’s only fans that discuss trying to plot an easier route through a tournament by throwing games. It’s a sure fire way for players to lose their confidence in their manager. a win is the only good result for England tonight.

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