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COVID-19 Life now and beyond

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I had my test results back and they were positive for Covid-19.. So lucky that I just had the mild symptoms!! 

Branson owns an island and a spaceship, but he wants aid from the government and he’s happy to hang his employees out to dry the man is callous. 

Hope everyone's doing well and keeping healthy! Haven't posted for a few months due to being busy and the lack of football, but had a gradual read through this thread. Crazy looking back at the f

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I have my name on my seat, I could never get to all home games due to my work, I get to probably just over half home games a season, I’m not bothered if I don’t get to another game this season as long as the season is finished with integrity  , as for my loss of money for missed matches there are more important things going on that need money than me & Boro, the club can do want they want with what I’ve paid for but the end of the day we should hopefully have a club to return too. Hopefully we as a Club will show some compassion and common sense with wages and out going’s , let’s not be likened to Newcastle UTB 

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55 minutes ago, Downsouth said:

Is there anyone else totally bemused by the behaviour and leadership skills portrayed by Donald Trump?

Not at all. He knows he’s not a politician so he conducts himself the same way he conducts his business which is very aggressively (which is why he either makes tens of millions or goes bankrupt) 

it may seem strange to us the way the US run their political parties but the Americans love him. He will win the next election imo

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Trump seems like an absolute liability at the moment.

I've visited America lots of times and it always seems like a great place with, with lots of great people but I'd absolutely hate to live there at the moment. 

When you look at their current situation with covid, a lunatic as president, a divided country, millions unemployed and without health insurance it really must be frightening for lots of Americans. 

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The guy has made statements about re-opening America based little on scientific evidence but closer to the fact he's sick of watching old baseball games. And yet the cult of Trump continues. Not that it would matter a great deal if the people turned on him, he'd just say they haven't and FOX would take his word for it.

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