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Music Boro have run out to

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Hi everyone, 

I hope this okay to post here, moderators please move or delete this if I have overstepped the line!

I’m part of a team at the University of Sheffield, led by Dr Chris 
Stride. We've published a number of academic papers and magazine 
articles relating to football history, on subjects such as statues and 
replica shirts (see, for example sportingstatues.com, and 

Our current project is investigating the music that football teams have 
run or walked out of the tunnel to over the years.

With help from a number of historically minded Boro fans we've found that 'The Power Game' was the traditional tune of choice before being replaced by Pigbag as the move to the Riverside took place. 

However, I wondered if any fans know of any instances when either of these were replaced by another track? Any stories/memories to go along with this are much appreciated.  

And does anyone remember what came before the Power Game?

I should also add that we are not interested in goal music, or a song 
that is played at the final whistle, but just the song that is on the 
tannoy system as the players enter the field.

If you think someone else may be able to help, or you have any 
questions, please let us know!  We would be very happy to discuss the 

Thanks for your time, 

Joe Headland

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No issues here Joe however in your introduction you have pretty much stated what most Boro fans have known throughout their supporting lives.

Recall marching bands, but that does not count!

However rumour has it that we were going to play "the dance of the sugar plumb fairies" because so many of our players seemed to be dancing on tippy toes:classic_wink:

In answer to your question when "pigbag" first became the music of choice my son had got himself a CD with maybe four different versions of the song which would be constantly played throughout a 240 drive to Middlesbrough and depending on result the journey back.

Many times I wished we would play "the bongo song"

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47 minutes ago, AnglianRed said:

Wasn't that "We are Teesside" tune used for a while, or was that for something else?


Nah, it was commissioned by the Teesside Development Corporation for use in its adverts. It was produced at TFM. Probably played at the Riverside before kick off but never used as run out music.

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